With this tutorial I will try to explain how to make a simple animation yourself. You will see that it is not too complicated. I will do my best to explain it step by step with examples, but keep in mind that English is not my strongest point ;-). If you have questions or suggestions please

This picture I've found in the news group alt.binaries.clip-art. I've tide it up a little and reduced the size, we will use it for this tutorial, therefore you have to store it on your PC, just click right on the picture and choose Save Picture AS .. go along with the name  angel.gif

Start Paint Shop Pro and go to File and Open, look for the picture you've saved; angel.gif and open it. 

Important ! ; In order to be able to work with separate layers later on, we have to increase the colors to 16 million: go to Colors on the top menu bar and choose Increase Color Depth and select 16 Million (24 bit).

Next select the Freehand from de Tool Palette, I've displayed the Tool Palette horizontal but normally it is placed  vertical on the left hand of your screen, you can place it on your screen where you want.

Select carefully the arms and the kitten, to work more precisely you can magnify the picture with the zoom tool from the Tool Palette. The black and white line marks the selection

If the result is not what it should be, you can Undo one or more steps with the Undo button from the Standard Toolbar (normally the second bar from the top) and do it over again.

Now go to the menu bar and choose Edit and Copy, after that again go to Edit and now choose Paste As New Layer, the selection is now placed in the middle of the picture above the original, now go to the Tool Palette en select the Mover.

Move the selection as best as possible to the old spot. Then select the Deformation tool from de Tool Palette.

Then you will see something like this (magnified)

Now it's getting exciting , you will see a rectangle with a little square in the middle and a line to the right to another little square, that's the one we are looking for: I colored it red. If you move with your mouse over it, the shape of the pointer will change into two little arrows, I also colored them red. Now gently move a little downwards, with the left mouse down. You will see the whole box is turning. Watch the sleeves of the angel to fit the rest of the dress. If you lift the mouse button and move away from the spot, the mouse pointer is changing to a cross again to indicate that you can move the whole box. Now you can put the arms and kitten into the right place. For the moment ignore the edges from the old picture, we'll deal with that later.

If you think the movement is enough, go to the Tool Palette and click on the big white arrow and the deform-box will disappear. If you're not happy wit the result just go one or more steps back with Undo from the Standard Toolbar and do them over again.

To see what the animation would look like we toggle the Layer Palette from the Standard Toolbar, (outlined in red )

In the Layer Palette we can choose and select the Layers that we want to see with the glasses on the right. If you click on them you select or deselect the layer you want to see.

Keep the (original) Background visible and click a few times on the glasses from Layer 1. Now you can see a little of the upcoming animation, but you see also that the arms and the kitten from the original picture are still there and only the top layer is moving. If  you think the movement is ok and looks natural we go on. First deselect the selected part, go to Selections in the topmenu and choose Select none. If you're not yet pleased, push the Undo button one or more times and do things over again.

To go ahead we make a copy of the background by clicking right on the background name in the Layer Palette and choose Duplicate. Now we'll have tree separate layers with the middle one selected (the copy we've  just made). Now make the background invisible by clicking on the glasses and keep layer 1 visible, just as you can see below:

With the Paint Brush from the Tool Palette we will now clean-up all parts of the arms and the kitten on the old position 

The background is white so we can erase everything we don't need by painting it white. So make sure you select the white color from the Color Palette first.

Click on the little black arrow and then on the paintbrush (red arrow here) then click on the Styles-box (here already white) and select the white color. Now we can go painting ! just hold down the left mouse button and 'Paint' everything white you don't want to see. If you do it to enthusiastic just push Undo. The painting has only affected the selected layer, as there is always only one layer selected, although you can see multiple layers. We can adjust the shape of the Paintbrush to work more precise, therefore select the Tool Options from the Standard Toolbar, here outlined red:

Here you can adjust the Paintbrush, these are the values I use often

If everything is cleaned up and looks ok, you can save the picture with File Save As.. Use the name angel_2 and select the GIF extension, Open the Animation Shop.

First make sure that you have the right program preferences for layered files, go to File Preferences and General Program Preferences the Layered Files tab must look like this:

Then go to File and Animation Wizard and fill in the following values; (mostly 4 times clicking Next will do)

Same size as the first image frame, Next >>  Opaque, Next >>  Upper left corner of the frame / With the canvas color, Next >>   Yes, repeat the animation indefinitely / How long ....... 75, by Next  >> 

With 'Add image' you open the files for the animation, angel.gif and angel_2.gif  Next >>

Finish and you will see both frames on your screen now.

To view the animation click on View in the toolbar, usually the second from the top as outlined red below.

If everything went well you are now looking at your first animation ! You can store it now with File Save As... fill in; angel_ani .gif and click five times ok, that is if you never change the values from the Optimization Wizard otherwise choose for best quality.

Actually you are finished now, but if you've enjoyed it (why not....) go to PSP and click Layer 1 and the Copy of Background and make them invisible then select the original (dark blue in the layer palette). Now we'll let our little angel give a wink. Go to the Tool Palette en select the Dropper 

Go to the angel's face and click on a light spot, select the Paint Brush. Now paint carefully the eye a little away. Experiment a little with it, try it also with a slightly different color, you can always go back with Undo. After this let her give a little kiss, by painting her mouth just a little bit. If it looks nice you Save it As...  angel_1.gif

Go to Animation Shop, click right on the first frame, choose Insert Frames and From File, then click Add file and select angel_1.gif go along with Insert frame before frame 2 and keep the delay time at 75 en click OK.

With View Animation you can see your new animation. To adjust the timing, click right on frame 3 and select Frame properties and set it to 100. Now it's really finished and you can save it or experiment a little more.

This is your finished animation, isn't it cute ? . In the next part we will add a name to it.