Often when you want to add a name to an animation, you need more space on the background, therefore we enlarge the canvas of the animation, we use the ani we've made with tutorial 1

Right click on the picture and save it to your pc (if it isn't there already), open the Animation Shop and open the picture.

First make sure that you have the right program preferences for layered files, go to File, Preferences and General Program Preferences, the Layered Files tab must look like this.

Then go to Edit and choose Select All (or Ctrl A) 

Go to File and choose Export Frames to Paint Shop Pro (or right click on a frame and choose Export Frames to Paint Shop Pro)

Now PSP is started and the frames are exported to PSP

In PSP, go to Image and choose Canvas Size

We need approximately 40 mm extra space at the bottom, to do this fill in; New width 196 en New Height 308, let both the selection boxes for Center empty Top = 0 and Bottom = 40 (the extra space) left en right both 0 click OK.

Now we can see the extra space added to the picture, only there's no color yet and it's checked to indicate that it's a transparent area;

First we fill this in with the white background color, select the Magic Wand from the Tool Palette:

Choose in the Color Palette the white color for the left mouse button:

Click on the little black arrow and then on the paintbrush (red arrow here) then click on the Styles-box (here already white) and select the white color. Go to the Tool Palette en choose Flood Fill

Click on the blank area and, then press Ctrl en D (or go to Selections in de menu bar and choose  Select None),. Now the first frame has the right measure, repeat the steps for the other frames, and they are ready to add a name.

Copy one of the frames by clicking right and choose Copy and then again click right outside of the pictures and choose Paste As New Image. If the mouse pointer is still a Flood Fill symbol then click on the big white arrow in the Tool Palette to solve this.

Then select  the Layer Palette from the Standard Tool Palette:

Click right in the Layer Palette on Layer 1 and choose New Raster Layer, accept the next values and click OK.

 Go to the Tool Palette and select the A from the Text Entry:

Go to the new picture and click the text-cross at the spot where you want to add the name. Choose a suitable text-style and make the following adjustments:

The styles box is a little tricky I kept the stroke blank, that is the outline of the text and fill .. yea you guessed right, it's the body of the text, you can change it by clicking on the little arrows, the circle with the streak means it's deselected. With the brush you can select a solid color in the color box:

Type the name you want to add, you can see it in the picture, if the box is not in the way ;-) that is handy to make adjustments in style, color and measurement immediately, if you don't see the effect move over the text with your left mouse button down until it's selected (black background) if it looks fine click OK. The text is added to the picture with a blinking outline to indicate it's selected, go over it with the mouse and at one point the mouse pointer changed into four arrows to indicate you can move now with the text,  move it in the right position, if it's ok then right click, it's a bit tricky but you get use to it you'll see !

Now click on the big arrow in the Tool Palette to make the mouse cursor look normal again Click on the glasses beside Layer 1 in the Layer Palette to see only the text and not the angel. Now right click on the new picture with the text and choose Copy Merged, right click then on a frame from the animation and choose Paste As New Layer, don't be alarmed, you'll see only the text on a white background go to the Tool Palette and select the Magic Wand:

Click on the white area and press Delete on your keyboard (or choose Edit en Cut or Ctrl+X) pffff.. aren't you happy to see the angel back ? only now with a name added . Now store this frame with File Save As .... and select the GIF extension, repeat the steps for the other frames and remember to give different names to the files. Close PSP  and say no to the questions about update and save.

Go to the Animation Shop and close the animation and again say no the question about saving changes, now you can put the separate pictures together to one animation the same way we did in the last part of tutorial 1 and if everything went well you'll end up with this animation.