Sometimes you want to use animated gif's (ani's) on dark colored backgrounds, for example on a web page or a stationery, if the background of the ani is white or another light color, you wish to make it transparent. Not all the ani's are easy to make transparent, if the background has many colors it's almost impossible, with one sharply painted background color it's relative easy to do.

We use the ani we've made in tutorial 2.

Right click on the picture and save it to your pc (if it isn't there already), open the Animation Shop and open the ani.

Go to Animation in the main menu and choose Animation Properties, select Transparent on the Canvas Color tab. On the next tab, Comments you can often see who is the maker of the ani. If you've  created the ani yourself you can put your name in there. In the tab Looping you can select the times you want the ani loop, or more often, let it loop indefinitely.

Go to Edit choose Select All (or Ctrl A) 

Go to Animation and choose Replace Color:
Replace color in; dot in Selected frames
Replace; dot in Old Color (put in color of background by pointing the mouse)
With; dot in Transparent opacity

Click OK and you'll see the frames now with the checked background to indicate they are transparent. To view the animation click on View in the toolbar, usually the second from the top as outlined red below.

If everything went well you are now looking at your transparent animation. You can store it now with File Save As... fill in; angel_ani_tr .gif (or choose you own file-name) and click five times ok, that is if you never change the values from the Optimization Wizard otherwise choose for best quality.

And this is the Transparent angel we've just saved.