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Download and use Stationeries.

Note for all non Dutch Windows versions; the target directory for the stationeries is;
C:\Program files\Common files\Microsoft Shared\Briefpapier

There you can find them after extracting, the self extracting zip-file, or extract them to a folder you like (Stationery ?)
But if you choose an other directory and the stationery has also sound in it, you'll have to change the complete file path of the sound file to you own directory name in the stationery !

To use the new added stationery; go to "IN BOX", then click in the top tool bar on, Message > New message using, or use the small arrow alongside the New message icon.

The first time you'll have to "browse" to your new added stationery by choosing
'Select Stationery', a file-dialog screen will pop up, and it looks like this; (the top of it)

It means your search will start in "stationery", to locate "Briefpapier" Click on the
"Folder Up" icon, (red circle) then you'll see the wanted folder;

Now you can choose Briefpapier, the Dutch folder where I put all stationeries, and you can choose from there, it looks complicated but from then on it will appear in the drop down list (showing the 10 previously used stationery stuff)

Finally a few notes for using complicated stationeries;

Let me tell you first that all moving parts are still frozen when you are writing your mails (we deal with that later).

Then a warning; the bubbles from the fairy bubble stationery are invisible but they are hiding in the top left corner, so if you go deleting there something be careful, the bubbles are gone before you know it !.so start typing from 'Helo'.

If you want to use complicated stationeries, you have to select them first and then go writing on them, and not the other way around (first writing and then add the stationery), then if everything is ok and you're masterpiece is finished, you want to see how it would look if you send it. While you are working on your new mail go to View (top left)  and select Source Edit, then you will see three tabs on the left bottom of your screen; first 'Edit' then 'Source' and then  'Preview' ...... yea you guessed right !, that's it, if you select it, you'll see what the mail is look like with all parts, music, movement and all other jokes.

Only IE/OE 6; to use scripts and scrolls you must activate 'Internet-zone' in OE;  Tools > Options > Security,  and set the security in IE to default; Tools > Internet > Options > Security,  (Default Level button should be grayed-out). If not click the Default Level button.

Good luck !

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